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The Original Marines brand founded in the early 1980s fabricate variety of clothing for babies, Children, and juniors. “Being Original” Being close to our customers, putting them at the center of all creations. Being quality artists, in style and kindness for everyone, always. Being on the wave of emerging trends, still remaining keepers of the great classics of casual and sporty style. Being Italian and citizens of the world at the same time. Gazing at America, reading with Italian eyes. Being accessible to everyone, so that our collections are not a luxury for the few, but a reality for many. Being ground-breaking in choosing fabrics and interpreting our customers’ expectations and styles. Being a family, a guarantee for parents. Being friendly with children and their heroes, and surprising with them our little customers. Being a source of inspiration for those who want to freely express themselves and live in an original way. That’s how we are, Original as the customers who choose us. "Original Marines creates and produces garments and accessories thinking about children and families who want to feel at ease through a casual, sporty and dressy style." Those who wear Original Marines choose a dynamic, cheerful, original lifestyle. A world of values and care of children, growing up with the brand in years up to become parents themselves. Our mission is to strengthen the relationship of trust built up over time, always keeping up the "ethic company" status, where refinement and quality of garments meet the economic needs of families.



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Original Marines Sale

8 February 2018

Flash Sale!
Up To 50% OFF

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Original Marines Winter Collection 2018

10 January 2018

The Cutest winter collection for your Children is here. Keep our Children Safe in Cold Weather with original marines winter collection.

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Original Marines Infant Collection

6 May 2017

Infant Collection!


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