Luisa Spagnoli

Luisa Spagnoli’s story is a true success story, built around the amazing skill and creativity of a woman who left her mark on an era, inspiring future generations. Luisa followed her instinct, letting herself be guided by intuition. It was a sudden stroke of genius on her part that led to the foundation of Luisa Spagnoli: using wool from Angora rabbits, she managed to create a thin, even yarn that yielded sophisticated knitwear. It was 1928 when she opened up her textile business, and she became an instant legend. In 1943, Luisa Spagnoli was recognized as the largest and most advanced company for its sector in all Europe, with 525 employees and 8000 rabbit farms. Luisa Spagnoli is a legacy of the past, image of the present, vision of the future. The philosophy of the Luisa Spagnoli brand is both tradition and innovation: quality and attention to detail are what create cuts, models, and colors to wear and love. In our products, we constantly pursue the highest level of quality, drawing inspiration from the fine design, creativity, freshness, and taste that are the distinctive, recognized hallmarks of Italian-made clothing. Attention to quality has always been the key strength of our company, whose continuing pursuit of ever-higher standards gained formal recognition in 2011 with the Leonardo Qualità Italia award.



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Luisa Spagnoli 50% Off

31 January 2018

Flash Sale!
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Luisa Spagnoli Diva Style

15 January 2018

Diva Style


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Lusia Spagnoli Sunglasses

12 January 2018

Every face deserves a right frame.


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